MURANO – VENICE 17 september 2022

Saturday 17th september 2022 start at 07:30 pm

Meeting and start point

The meeting point of the event is CAMPO SAN DONATO in Murano from 4:00 pm
All Participants can collect their “tournament-kit” at the secretary onsite from 4:00 pm to 7:15 pm.


The organisers accept no liability for personal loss, damage or injury  during the event.


The recommended time to complete the route is 90 minutes, who does not respect the times indicated, may not find the latest furnaces in activity.

The event is a non-competitive run so the admittance is open to everyone willing to take part.

The participation fees are not refundable under any circumstances.

The event will take place with any weather condition.

The Subscriptions can be done online, on this website filling in the Form

The Subscriptions will close once reached the prefixed number of bookings. In case of special conditions, the organizers reserves the right to close the subscriptions beforehand or to accept subscriptions after the admittance limits.

The subscription fee is € 35,00 per person.
Children accompanied by parents and born after the 01/01/2011 are free to participate without any Fees, still required to subscribe and fill in the online form (with a maximum of 1 child per adult).

  • Payment Rules
    the subscription fee may be paid in the following ways:
    • Via Paypal, using the dedicated payment and subscription method online.
    • Via Bank transfer at the expenses of the payer using the following Bank Details quoting in the payment reference the names of the guests participating.
    IBAN: IT16V0306902117074000660915- BIC/SWIFT BCITITMM
    C/C Directed to : A.S.D. Venezia Runners Atl Murano. Bank: Intesa SanPaolo
    subscriptions received without the adherence fee , will not be accepted.
    A confirmation of your subscription will be sent via email , only after the fee payment has been received correctly

To all subscriber:

  • Technical tee with event logo.
  • A glass reproduction of the ancient venetian “Osella” (a coin) made by the Murano Glass Masters (not for free subscriber).
  • Invitation to the final private party where you get to taste the tipical flavours of venetian cusine.
  • Water bottle.

At the Start / Arrival point will be possible to deposit personal Bags.
Even granting the maximum of attention, the organiser do not assume any responsibility on lost or damaged personal items.

At the end of the Event all participants are invide to take part to the private closing party held by the organizers , during which a typical fish dinner will be proposed to the guests (drinks, dessert and coffee not included).

You can book a table during registration or by e-mail.

The Organization reserves the right to produce, for its own account, or from any media of its partners, still images (photographs) or moving (video footage) and the right to spresd the images of members of the Mouth of Fire, on any type support (VHS, CD, DVD, etc.). It also reserves the right to publish the images collected in its promotional and advertising material (prints, leaflets, posters, etc.) on Social and/or on the Web site of the Association.

Given the current regulations (but all can change), we have prepared a series of measures aimed at limiting the possibility of unprotected gatherings being created.

  • Upon entry, all members will have their body temperature measured, preventing access in case of temperature> 37.5 ° C.
  • All participants will be tied with an identification bracelet that will allow them to enter the protected areas and furnaces.
  • To facilitate its use, all adult participants will be given a protective mask.
  • Adequate information will be prepared on prevention measures with vertical and horizontal signs in all common areas.
  • Hand sanitizing products will be made available, scattered in the common areas.
  • In common areas, it will be mandatory to always respect the spacing of at least 1 meter or the use of the mask.
  • The custody of the bags will be carried out with suitable containment tools.
  • To avoid crowds, the start of the race will be staggered, there will therefore be 3 or 4 separate departures, one every 5 minutes.
  • Guests who want to complete the route by running will be able to do it without the use of the mask, keeping a distance of at least one meter from the other competitors, whoever wants to complete the route by walking will be invited to use the mask if they cannot maintain a meter away from other competitors.Everyone must use the mask inside the furnaces.
  • The tables will be arranged in such a way as to ensure the maintenance of at least 1 meter of separation between the participants. Only relatives and cohabitants can sit at the table. This last aspect refers to individual responsibility.
  • Each table, in order to eliminate crowds and queues, will have a “manager” who will communicate with our staff in charge of delivering meals.
  • Drinks at the counter will be allowed only if the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter between those present can be ensured.
  • Guests must ALWAYS wear a mask indoors and outdoors (when not seated at the table).

For anything not provided for in this regulation, the national or regional rules in force must be followed.