saturday 21st september

07:15 pm (at sunset)


The name “bocca del fuoco” comes from the hole the glass master use to insert the liquid Glass Doug to be manipulated. Using dedicated tools such as canes (perforated or not) or special instruments called “cazze”( shaped like big spoons) the masters pick up the glass to be then shaped.

Discover Murano by night, one of the most charming islands of Venice, crossing some glass furnaces in full activity on a route lit up with candles.
Upon entering the Opificio (the workshop) you will be inebriated by blasts of hot air coming from the incandescent furnaces and by the smell of wet wood burned with the heat of the glass.

Upon your arrival you will enjoy an “ombra” (a glass of wine) and flavours typical of these islands.

Thank you for the passion and creativity Venezia Runners!


Due the unique conditions during the passage inside the glass factories we can receive only a limited number of privileged guests.
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Events in chronological order

  • 15:30

    Race package pick up

    Race pack delivery. In order not to create queues, it...
  • 16:00

    Glass museum tour

    Guided tour of the Glass Museum. Reservations are required for...
  • 18:00

    Cathedral tour

    Visit to the Basilica of S.S. Maria and Donato. For...
  • 19:15


    Let’s go! The race is NON-COMPETITIVE, participation is open to...
  • 20:30


    The cooks begins to serve the first courses. At the...
  • 23:00


    It is late, … let’s go to bed!

The Furnaces

In order of passage

Effetre Murano

F.ta S. Giovanni dei Battuti, 4/A

Scuola Abate Zanetti

Calle Briati, 8B

Simone Cenedese

F.ta dei Vetrai, 68

Giancarlo Signoretto

Piazzale Colonna, 1/B

Xe Vero

F.ta Serenella, 1

Schiavon Art Team

F.ta Serenella, 18/A

Nason Moretti

Calle Dietro Gli Orti, 12

Amadi Fabiano

Calle Odoardo, 5

Nuova Biemmeci

F.ta San Mattia, 2C