The name “bocca del fuoco” comes from the hole the glass master use to insert the liquid Glass Doug to be manipulated. Using dedicated tools such as canes (perforated or not) or special instruments called “cazze”( shaped like big spoons) the masters pick up the glass to be then shaped.


Even if the first documents referring to the venetian art of glass making date only to the 982 after Christ (year in which appear the name of a glass master in Venice) it is believed that the art of Glass making starts in Murano in the VIII century. The fame of Murano as the centre of glass making rises when the Venetian Republic, in order to prevent accidental fires around the city, orders that all the Glass Factories move the Island of Murano in 1291.


The brand Vetro Artistico® is a collective trademark instituted by law, which certifies that the products are actually realized on the Island of Murano. The trade mark was born under the will of Veneto Region and the law n.70 of 23rd December 1994. In 2001 the control of the Trademark is entrusted to the Consortium Promovetro. The creation of the trademark unfortunately does not eliminates the great flux of fake manifacturies sold in many shops by fraudulent business owners who sell illegally fake “Made in Murano” products all around the world.

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