the lighthouse.

The lighthouse is present on the island since the days of the Venetian Republic, at the beginning it was a simple wooden tower on top of which were fires to lit the lagoon and gave support to the boats in the navigation, while during the day time the Tower was used as a Lookout. In 1912 on the beach was built a structure of piles where rested an iron structure on top of which was placed an oil lamp. Later it passed to lighting gas. The current Istria’s stone lighthouse dates back to the thirties and was built in a much more exposed position towards the lagoon surrounded by boulders to protect it. The building, very simple, consists of a “classical” cylindrical tower with three black bands at the top for easy visibility in fog and only adorned with two bas-reliefs depicting the Madonna, one placed above the front door and one at the base of the lighthouse side of the lagoon. Until the 60es the lighthouse worked on gas, now the lighthouse has aero maritime functions and for this reason the upper dome is made entirely of glass. The white light of the Murano lighthouse is in alignment with a number of other lights to indicate access to the sea at the harbor mouth of the Lido of Venice, the other terminal, in red and white light, is located offshore about 3 miles away.

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