Bigoli in salsa.

ingredients : 1 Onion, Extra virgin Olive Oil, Sarde Fish in Salt (if not available the Sarde can be replaced by a tin of anchovies). Cut the onion in thin slices, gently start frying them in oil (they should softening gently). Clean the fish from its salt washing them under fresh water, mix them with the onion and keep the flame low and the pan cover with its lid in order to obtain a smooth and well blended sauce. Who wishes can sprinkle a little bit of white wine , once the wine is completely absorbed poor the sauce onto the pasta which should be “al Dente!” and carefully dried from its cooking water.

Sarde in saor.

Clean the Sarde Fish , once dried off coat them with flour and gently fry them . Arrange them on a casserole dish alternating them with the “saor” previously prepared. The typical venetian “saor” is obtained by cutting a slice for each guest, letting it gently cook (just a little, not too much, it should simply reach a golden colour) in a little bit of oil and 3 spoons of white vinegar. Then add raisins and pine nuts. The layers: Sarde and Onions must be alterned and gently pressed. Let the mix rest of a couple of days before serving it.

Figà àea venessiana. 

Cut the Liver in very thin slices. Cut the onion in thin rings. In the same time warm up some oil and butter in a pan, add the onion, cook for 15 minutes, without frying it keeping the lid on stirring every now and then while keeping the flame low. After letting the onion rest for a little bit, add the onion and switch on the flame again a little bit higher and cook it for 4/5 minutes. Switch off the fire and add salt. If desired it may be added at the end a little bit of White Dry Wine or Stockpot. Served with polenta…. It is simply to die for!

Bussolà forte.

For centuries the recipe has been a secret keept and transmitted within the family. Every family of course have its own recipe and its secret and only on the last years it started apperaing in some bakeries and patisseries around the city. However you can look for it at the bakery because we won’t reveal our Secret Recipe.

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