Discover Murano by night, one of the most charming islands of Venice, crossing six glass furnaces in full activity on a route lit up with candles.

The tradition of glass making has been jealously kept secret until the end of the Serenissima Republic when the glass masters were forced to live on the island and could leave only with a permit … these incredible secrets will be shared with all the runners for only one night.

Upon entering the Opificio (the workshop) you will be inebriated by blasts of hot air coming from the incandescent furnaces and by the smell of wet wood burned with the heat of the glass. All around the furnace the ancient tools of the Glass Master who is sitting on his “Scagno” (the original venetian word for stool). The different components are mixed together in big vessels to make the original “venetian glass”.

The atmosphere will be framed by the sound of the iron tools in the background.

In the courtyards of the furnaces you will see marvelous piles of multicolored glass pipes ready to be used and shiny little hills of discarded crystals here and there: a surreal scenery.

Upon your arrival you will enjoy an “ombra” (a glass of wine) and flavours typical of these islands.

Thank you for the passion and creativity Venezia Runners!